Saturday, July 01, 2023

I got a brand new car!

Behold! A 2023 BMW M550i xDrive. I got the mother of all deals on it yesterday. It had been sitting on the dealer lot for 137 days.

It is a lot of car. I've only driven it back home and to pick up dry cleaning so far. The car is big. It's six inches longer than my wagon and the proportions take time to get used to. There are so many gizmos and gadgets, it's ridiculous. I have to lock the doors even when I'm in the garage, or else the various gadgets will drain the battery. Some random features include:

  • head-up display that shows speed limit, my speed, and distance to closest speed camera;
  • auto start-stop that will restart your engine not when you take your foot off the brake pedal, but when it notices the vehicle immediately in front of you has started moving away from you;
  • interior ambient lighting comes in ten different colors.
Once I get used to it, I will have more fun driving it.


@slirt said...

Long time coming... still hard to believe? More pics, please!

A few Qs:
1) did the Acura dealer buy the wagon?
2) iirc (?) you only drove the Quad once and the 550 has bigger hp/tq numbers (also V6 vs V8), but does it feel noticeably faster than the Giulia?
3) interesting about the stop/start working from sensing the car in front; i'm curious how well the adaptive cruise works; down to zero? restart w/o resetting? etc.
4) how are the drive modes, transmission, and paddle shifters?

I realize you haven't really driven it enough to answer these yet, but have fun getting to know it. I probably should've spent more time reading the manual when i got my car; might've saved me some confusion & frustration!

Maxichamp said...

1. I am going to take it to the sales manager next week for him to check it out.
2. Hard to compare. For Alfa, I accelerated 0-60 quickly on surface street while in M550i it has only been 60-? on the freeway. The experiences are totally different. In the Alfa, your heart rate and adrenaline go up. You are excited and an integral part of a raw Italian sports car. In the BMW, you are basically in a very comfortable, quiet, and removed office that happens to be fast.
3. I have not tried it but the Genius who gave me a 2-hour tutorial at the dealership said it doesn't work once I slow to 25ish.
4. Can't really say other than Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus affect shifting, accelerator sensitivity, exhaust sound.