Monday, May 29, 2023

Getting an M550i?

Many of you know that I had been obsessed with getting an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. When a new one finally arrived at a dealer after a year's wait, I got to test drive it. It was beyond incredible. But because of its terrible resale value, the monthly lease payments are $500 a month more than a similarly priced BMW M550i. With either car, our insurance premium would double. Sadly, I had to say no to the Alfa.

I test drove an M550i xDrive last month. Its twin turbo V8 produces 529 horsepower. It was so effortlessly fast. But the one I drove had $8,000 in options I didn't want. And it's gray with a black interior. Not exciting.

I hemmed and hawed and after I got back from French Guiana, I decided to pull the trigger. I put in an order for a base M550i, blue with cognac interior and wood trim. The next day, I got an email from the dealership. BMW stopped taking orders for 2023 models. The 2024s will be a new generation. The new 5-Series will not come with a V8. The new 5-Series will not have buttons inside. Fuck!

Then, I got another email. The M550i I test drove, which was still sitting in the lot over a month after I test drove it, will have an $8,000 discount over Memorial Day weekend. If I can overcome the gray exterior and black interior, I think I'll get it.

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@slirt said...

blue over cognac sounds lovely, and i'm sorry that's a no-go, but this seems like a very fine consolation prize (given the now-'free' extras): do it.