Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wagon search update

The V50 with 112k miles was sold yesterday, before I even had a chance to check it out. I think that is the one that got away, but it was in San Luis Obispo (the owner was supposed to bring it up to Palo Alto this coming week) when it was sold. It had one owner and a stack of receipts.

Chris D. and I test drove the V50 with 81k miles yesterday. It was a one-owner car that was sold by a Volvo dealer. They installed a new set of Michelins, a new motor mount, and replaced a few faded trim pieces. It still had one too many exterior cosmetic issues. The pictures made it look better than it actually was. Apparently, the dealership shared the same photographer with the McLaren dealership next door.

The V50 (auto or stick) is still on the top of my list. But I am also open to a 3-Series wagon or a Jetta TDI (Ed K., you have one of these, right?). Also, not one, not two, but THREE OF YOU want me to consider a Saab SportCombi like this one. I'm going to try to check it out next weekend if it's still available.

Next week is going be very busy, so there probably won't be many posts. But, as always, check my Twitter feed for random thoughts and car pictures. Maybe they'll find MH370.


mtc said...

Another vote for the 9-3 SportCombi -- I think it's nicer-looking and more interesting than the V50.

Have you ruled out a Saab (Saabaru) 9-2x Aero (too small? too unrefined)? That one should handily blow the doors off the other two in the fun-to-drive category.

Ed Kim said...

My biggest concern with the 9-3 SportCombi is parts and servicing, since the brand is defunct. An automaker is required to maintain spares for ten years, and Saab has been gone from our market since 2010. So, you have about 6 years worth of robust OEM parts availability. If you're not planning on keeping it super long term, that's fine.

Yes, I do have a manual transmission Jetta SportWagen, but sadly, it's not a diesel. It's a SUPER rare five-cylinder gasoline manual...though in this case rare doesn't necessarily equate to desirability! I do love the car (and due to its five-cylinder engine, it does sound almost identical to the Volvo), but it certainly isn't as pretty as the V50. If you get one, go for the diesel. There are plenty of manual diesels out there.

Other oddball wagons...Cadillac CTS? I actually love that one, and it's so rare that it still turns heads. Mazda6 Wagon? I had forgotten they'd even existed until I saw one last does have a very sporty drive character.

Alan said...

Make that five.

Maxichamp said...

@mtc: I do not like the look of the Saab SportCombi!

The Saabaru is a bit too boy racer for me. I'm willing to drive a relatively boring car, like the V50.

Maxichamp said...

@Ed: I have the same concerns re the Saab, although the Bay Area will probably have plenty of parts.

I do like the new Jetta wagon, especially in red.

CTS is too big and too thirsty. The Mazda6-- didn't that have reliability issues?

Maxichamp said...

@Alan: I think the Saab wagon looks awkward.

m4ff3w said...

Check out the Saab!

mtc said...

Okay- in that case, I think you can rule out the Saab. Little point (to me) in pursuing a car if you can't do the old 'look back in admiration while walking away' bit.

Lukas said...

Just to make it a little harder: if I were in the market for a mid-sized wagon, I'd be going for the Mazda 6, the Ford Mondeo and the Skoda Octavia or Superb.

Unknown said...

Just to troll a bit: