Sunday, September 26, 2021

License to Kill movie review

The second and final Dalton Bond film, License to Kill!

Dave's review: License to Kill sucks. In almost every regard, it didn't even feel like a Bond movie. The entire storyline is gimmicky, Bond trying to avenge a murder for a friend, Bond getting his license revoked. Someone should have done a spoof and called it License to Drive. The movie did not flow well. There were too many villains and most of them were completely forgettable. Plus Dalton in super intense revenge mode is simply not fun to watch. The only semi interesting part was watching Bond gain Sanchez's trust. Some of it was believable and rather clever. The female jealousy angle was lame and neither Bond girl was a particularly interesting character. Even the massive tanker chase at the end just felt like it dragged on. Feel free to skip this entry.

Dave's grade: D

TT's review: I am a fan of Dalton's but this was an objectively bad movie. Where do I even begin? The tinpot dictator in Isthmus City. Sanchez's fickle girlfriend Lupe. The greedy inept Asian businessmen. The list goes on. The saving grace was the Q-Carey Lowell duet. And one more thing, why the heck was Felix laughing at the end of the movie when his new bride was just killed?! I can see why Dalton was replaced after just two movies.

TT's grade: D+

Dave's reaction: Agree. Dalton sealed his own fate with this one, and the franchise almost didn't recover. License got trounced at the box office and it would be another 6 years before the next Bond film. 

TT's reaction: License to Kill was a disaster.

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