Sunday, September 19, 2021

A View to A Kill movie review

Roger Moore's last hurrah!

Dave's review: In A View to a Kill, Roger Moore is ancient, hitting on a Tanya Roberts who is probably 30 years younger. He snowboards to The Beach Boys "California Girls," races thoroughbreds and hangs off a blimp in midair over the Golden Gate Bridge. All of it adds up to good ol' fashioned fun. John Barry outdoes himself with one of the best action scores of the series and Duran Duran rocks it with the title song. And of course there is Academy Award winner Christopher Walker chewing up scenery. If you're looking for a serious film, this isn't it. Most of the characters are cartoonish, but there are some moving moments, such as when May Day sacrifices herself to help Bond. The plot is also intriguing and the climactic fight on top of the Golden Gate Bridge is utterly thrilling. Certainly not a bad way for Mr. Moore to go out.

Dave's grade: B+

TT's review: This movie has a lot going for it. Kickass soundtrack courtesy Duran Duran. Christopher Walken as the villain (probably tied with Javier Bardem as best actor to play Bond). That Renault taxi car chase in Paris. And on and on.

But something was missing. I felt like Roger Moore was just calling it in. It was, after all, his last Bond film.

What intrigued me was May Day. She was tough and mysterious. If this movie were made today, the studios would surely make a spinoff with her character as the lead. What would that be like?

TT's grade: B+

Dave's reaction: Moore fared admirably. Not that there were many truly dramatic moments in the script for him! 

TT's reaction: I think we are in agreement!

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