Tuesday, June 08, 2021

I went viral

Over Memorial Day weekend, a tweet of mine went viral. It's so random. I've been on Twitter since 2012 and nothing was this big. The now second biggest tweet was about a Czech pastry made by a Filipino baker in Houston. It gained traction because conservative pollster Frank Luntz retweeted it. It had around 100,000 views.

This tweet got going early when former Jalopnik writer Mike Ballaban retweeted it. Then, a bunch of his fellow blue checkmarked media cohorts retweeted it. And then, it really took off. It was particularly popular with young trans people and immigrants from all over the Caribbean. It settled at around 3.2 million views. At some point, when I was looking at the stats in real time, there would be 600 views every few seconds. It was a lot of fun, almost like a video game.

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