Monday, June 21, 2021

A year of heaven and hell, in review

As you may know, my wife was diagnosed with cancer in April 2020. To say life has been challenging is an understatement. She did chemotherapy last summer, had the cancer surgically removed last fall, and underwent radiation therapy over the winter. On top of that, we put our old dog Cooper to sleep in April 2021.

I have a new perspective on life and appreciate every moment we spend with our kids. I've picked the highlights from each month to share with you.

And the best news is that my wife is cancer free.

June 2021: I visited Alpine County, the 58th and final California county.

July 2020: Our daughter's first birthday.

August 2020: We took a trip to touristy Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. There was not a single tourist in sight. We had a great time and had fish and chips. (We forgot to pack a jacket for our son. It is very cold in San Francisco in the summer.)

September 2020: This photo was taken at the lowest point of the pandemic for me, which meant things could only look up. My wife was battling cancer. Because she was immunocompromised, we could not send our kids to daycare. I had not had a haircut since January (the photo was taken as I was about to step into a hair salon). Trump may get re-elected in two months. Plus, the worst wildfires in California history were raging (the photo was taken at 11 a.m.).

October 2020: I made an airport fire truck for the boy.

November 2020: I had a meal from a local Ivory Coast(!) restaurant.

December 2020: Christmas with the family and Cooper.

January 2021: I got a surprise gift from my best Chilean internet friend Ramon.

February 2021: We took a trip to Mendocino. It was to be Cooper's last.

March 2021: I got my first Moderna shot at a county-organized mass vaccination event. While there, I found a great Korean restaurant for lunch.

April 2021: This was a fantastic month. First, we cooked a fantastic lamb meal for Easter.

Then we rented a fire truck for the boy's fourth birthday.

Finally, I visited the Lost Coast.

May 2021: While taking the kids to a nearby state park, we came across this gathering of radio controlled truck aficionados. So random!

June 2021: We just took a trip to Calistoga and Mendocino. We spotted this Chevelle outside a seafood grill.

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Lukas said...

Great news about the cancer. Sorry about Cooper though - I think I remember you writing about getting him.