Friday, May 28, 2021

Moonraker movie review

Roger Moore's fourth Bond film (with three more to go).

Dave's review: Moonraker is campy but it's still a good film. Piggybacking off the popularity of Star Wars the producers decide to send 007 into space, The pre credits sequence is thrilling, with Bond being flung out of an airplane without a parachute. Jaws is back but this time he's a lot less menacing. That is one of the biggest disappointments of the film, along with the boring villain Hugo Drax. Holly Goodhead is gorgeous but a bit bland as well. Still Moonraker offers good old fashioned Bond thrills; it just doesn't live up to its predecessor, the superior The Spy Who Loved Me. 

TT's review: Years ago, when I ranked all of the pre-Craig Bond movies, I ranked Moonraker dead last. It was so ridiculous and over the top, I hated it. But now, with a fresh look, it's not so bad. It's bad, but not that bad.

What I liked the most about the movie is the set design. They really did a great job. Hugo Drax was a decent villain. Jaws and his girlfriend were sweet but weird. Roger Moore was already old, and he had three more(!) movies to make. What I noticed this time was his lackluster physique. He had thin wrists and arms. Very different from the ripped Daniel Craig. I'm not sure Moore was able to do a single pull up in the 1970s.

But ultimately, the space laser battle was just too hokey.

Dave's response: Interesting observation about Moore. I didn't really notice until For Your Eyes Only where you start to wonder, can this guy really win a fight? 

TT's response: Jaws was plain weird in this movie. I wonder what my least Bond film will ultimately be.

Dave's grade: B-

TT's grade: C

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