Tuesday, April 06, 2021

My boy's fourth birthday

For privacy, time management, and mental health reasons, I am trying to quit Instagram. So you're stuck looking at my family photos on my blog! Today, we celebrated my son's birthday by visiting the Bay Area Discovery Museum, at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We got there early, so the boy suggested we drive around and climb a hill.

In my 26 years in the Bay Area, I had never been to this spot. This is the best view of the bay!

At the museum parking lot, there was this seemingly abandoned and non-running Jaguar. But when we came back to our van in the afternoon, the Jag was gone!

There was a new exhibit about how things worked. There was a transparent (and working) toilet and this half-Mini Cooper. Our girl hogged the steering wheel and when I took her outside so that other kids could play with the car, she had a massive meltdown/tantrum.

The boy is crazy about fire trucks and asked my wife to make a fire-themed cake. Can you tell he's excited?

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Anna said...

Happy birthday Junior! Four is when they start to get extra fun. My oldest loves that museum, talks about it all the time even though our last visit was two years ago... when he was 4!

I think I may know the owner of that Jag...

You can quit IG! Proud of you. Prepare to feel stranded without a line to the outside world but more peaceful and less distracted. Keep it up!