Monday, April 05, 2021

The Man with the Golden Gun movie review

Roger Moore's second movie:

Dave's review: The Man with the Golden Gun is a film that gets better with each viewing. There is a lot of tongue in cheek humor but if you can ignore that, there is also a quite compelling story which delivers a powerful payoff at the end. Christopher Lee is in the top tier of Bond villains and he plays his part with the requisite dose of sinister charm. Maud Adams is fantastic in her warm-up for the title role of Octopussy many films later. Yes Herve Villacheuve is distracting but the series has always been about weird as well as menacing. As mentioned before, the ending is really extremely clever and suspenseful and makes up for some earlier flaws in the film. Moore has now made 007 his own and the best is yet to come. 

TT's review: This movie gets maligned by Bond fans because of the juvenile corkscrew car jump. I didn't like this movie in the past because it was so 70s. But this time around, I quite enjoyed it. My favorite scene is the one in which Bond visited the gunmaker Lazar. It involved real acting and was fun to watch. I also enjoyed the quaintness of early 1970s Macao, with its old school casinos. However, my grade does not take into account what I am about to say.

I think these old Connery and Bond flicks are simply too cringeworthy. I would not watch them with my kids, even when they're older. I understand they were a product of their era, but I'll stick to the more modern movies from now on. This may be the last time I watch these old ones.

Dave's response: Not sure what exactly is so cringeworthy about the Connery/Moore films. They are just movies. Bond is a somewhat sexist character. You don't have to like him, that's just how he is. People don't have to look at these movies for role models or life values, just entertainment :) 

TT's response: You're right. It is just entertainment!

Dave's score: B-

TT's score: B+

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