Sunday, April 24, 2016

Food in Tonga and Fiji

I found three nearby Pacific Islander restaurants. One is Tongan, one is Samoan, and one is Indian Fijian. And in my research, I found this BBC series that's on YouTube called Cooking In the Danger Zone.

Here is the episode that covers Fiji and Tonga. I learned that the typical canned corned beef in Britain has 10% fat. The canned corned beef sold in Tonga has 25% fat. New Zealanders won't eat the fatty belly of mutton, so it is sold as cheap meat in Tonga. It was such an unhealthy food, Fiji banned its import.

I can buy this canned corned beef in the Fijian market next door to the Fijian restaurant. Do these brands look familiar to you New Zealanders and Australians?


Ripituc said...

There is a huge industry of exporting the fattiest cuts of meat from the US to Oceania!

Saxphile said...

Don't recognize the brand but I'm not exactly familiar with canned corned beef, either. Going to supermarkets in Fiji was an adventure--lots of brands and products that I thought had long disappeared.

And yes on fatty cuts of meat being sent to Oceania. The mere mention of turkey butt in Samoa can cause offence (they ate so much of it from the US that it became a stereotype).

Lukas said...

If you like sugar, buy yourself some Tim Tams from that store. Double coat.