Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Toyota Museum in Torrance, California

The overriding theme here is that although the cars on display are mundane, ordinary, and ever-present, they all played a part in our lives.

My friend Andy had a truck like the mustard yellow one in the foreground and he taught me how to drive a stickshift in it one cool evening.


A lady I went out with in college had a gray Camry like this one. I probably put 10,000 miles on it.

Remember the FX16 commercials?

This Crown was one of the first Toyotas sold in America.

This old fuel cell powered Highlander leased for $10,000 a month.

The highlights for me were these all-original old Lexuses.

Evolution of the Celica bumper.

Mister Two.

Other than the period correct chrome wheels, this Supra is perfect.

1975 Long Beach Grand Prix (Formula 5000) pace car.

A Southern California tradition is the annual celebrity race at Long Beach. The stars du jour competed with each other for charity. Here is Tony Danza's Celica.

Group C racer.

IMSA GTO Celica.

Twiggy's 2000GT in the background.

2000GT engine.

I rented an Echo to see my grandmother on Maui in the hospital just before she died.


Stout engine bay.

SC400 prototype.

130 mph Prius Bonneville record holder.


Saxphile said...

I see so many old, beat up first-gen Paseo/Cynos and Previa (and its evil twin Estima) in New Zealand that even seeing pristine ones annoys me (got stuck behind them far too many times).

Love that mustard yellow trucklet though.

Anonymous said...

You are right when you said " Toyotas played a part in everyone's lives"
I remember driving a company Toyota van similar to the burgundy one here,
I designed and installed the graphics on it.

I also remember getting into some black ice on a high bridge w/ high winds
needless to say, it got crazy, 2 360's and I ruined a perfectly good pair
of underwear and suit, I was an art director for the company.
Thanks so much for posting,
D. Leblanc , Canada.

Maxichamp said...

@Mr LeBlanc: Thank you for sharing your Toyota memories!

mtc said...

A lady I went out with in college had a gray Camry like this one.

I found your use of the word "lady" here amusing. Was she older than you? The song "Maggie May" comes to mind ;)

Unknown said...

This museum is absolutely wicked