Thursday, January 22, 2015

Conservatoire Citroen photos

I am so excited. I'll be there in less than three weeks. I found this album on Flickr and here are my favorites. There are over 300 Citroens there.

Crushed XM.

Gift shop.

Original 2CVs.

2CV from my favorite Bond film For Your Eyes Only.

No idea what this is.

What's in the trunk?

I should know what this is, but I don't.

I've always wanted to see one of these Wankel-powered M35s.


So many variations.

This SM is probably the greatest car ever made.

They even have Chinese Citroens.


Darian said...

I am very excited to see the photos. I'd also gladly pay for a few of those Citroen die cast models you have pictured above - if you're open to being my mule, I;d gladly repay you, or pay forward, any costs.

Anonymous said...

The think you should know what is is a Panhard 24. What a gorgeous thing! Pahnard was bought out by Citroën and then killed off (their military vehicles division remains, although it is not longer related to Citroën.

I must also say that I'm lucky we get those little Norev models in Chile. Both new cars and oldies like those.

Maxichamp said...

@Darian: I believe those diecasts are Norevs. Check them out here.

I can't be your mule because I'll be my own mule-- I plan to buy books, memorabilia, etc. for myself!

Ed (Belgium) said...

I do not think the Panhard name is still in use. After loosing a big military contract, PSA sold it to Auverland which stopped using that brand name.
The chopper uses a GS engine (flat four or Wankel, I don't remember) and was a sort of hobby project.

I should definitely book a visit to that extraordinary place ...

Unknown said...

Must have more details on the pyramid shape car "Karin" in the last pic.

Maxichamp said...


Unknown said...

They don't have original trim parts I presume. I would *kill* for some new, or at least lightly used, door panels -- even with the shipping charges from France.

Don't go too die cast crazy, you wouldn't want to exceed the baggage weight limit!

Ed (Belgium) said...

I know what is in the DS trunk, I had read it somewhere: it is the weekly pay envelopes. The DS with a safe in the trunk was used to deliver the worker's pay in cash directly at their workplace. You can see the wooden cases are marked "Nanterre", "Asnières", ... different Citroën premises in the Paris region.

Ed (Belgium) said...

@ Christopher Diamond: The French manufacturers are now only starting realising the interest in their past, so contrary to BMW, Mercedes, ... they do not really put a lot of efforts in making parts for classics available or to showcase their past in a nice museum.

Ed Kim said...

OMG. I don't think I could be more envious!! Lucky you. :)

Anonymous said...

When there, could you see if there is any Chilean Citroën there?

Maxichamp said...

@Ripituc: Did Chile just make the 2CV sedan / Citroeneta? Or did it make other Citroens?

Anonymous said...

@Maxichamp: Maybe they can have a Yagán as well!