Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson compares Ford Probe, Scirocco, Prelude, and Calibra

He compares one of the cars to Claudia Schiffer and San Francisco.  What?


MattC said...

My best friend still drives a Probe (same color as in the Clarkson piece) that has about 300K on it. He refuses to sell it because it has been the most reliable car he has ever had. I have driven it numerous times and do like the smooth engine and shifter (thank you Mazda).

Apparently, Ford was considering having the Probe replace the Mustang when it was introduced. However, the Mustang soldiered on while the Probe suffered the fate of many sport coupes (hot at launch, then sales falter dramatically when a new coupe is offered elsewhere). All in all, these were pretty good cars.

motoringconbrio said...

oh god, give me the corrado. and i like the probe, too.