Saturday, December 18, 2010

Carspotting, Ushuaia edition

It´s the end of the world, but it´s pretty civilized.  There´s a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Ushuaia and I saw a ZR-1 driving down the main drag.  Here is a Ford Taunus fastback.  Anyone care to share their knowledge about this model?  I never knew they made such a thing.


John L said...

What a nice looking motor car!

longrooffan said...

Ironically, I just boxed up a 1:43 scale version of a mid 1960's Ford Taunus ragtop to be posted to Oregon as I am a Secret Santa over in the Hooniverse. Included was a vintage Ford ad I got at the same time I got that diecast. It was in France in 1992. Apparently Ford Europe was building a similar size car as the Mustang and it was sweet.

As an aside, can I use your images of this Taunus for a Fastback Friday post on Hooniverse? With proper credits of course.

Continue to have a safe trip and Happy Holidays to you.


Rodrigo Peralta said...

Hola soy de Argentina,sacaste muy buenas fotos este auto me encanta!! Este modelo en particular (ford taunus tc3 cupe tipo fastback) se fabricó únicamente en este país entre 1981 y 1985.
Acá tenes unos comerciales de la época



Rodrigo Peralta said...

En esta pagina hay una evolucion de este auto en mi pais y sus caracteristicas.

Y en esta hay un poco de historia.

Maxichamp said...

@Rodrigo: Muchas gracias por los videos. Son muy divertidos. Me encanta este coche naranjo mucho.

Ojala que te gusta este blog. Nosotros somos locos de coches diferentes.

Ken Westmoreland said...

This model was unique to Argentina - the old Taunus coupe was dropped in Europe in 1975, but remained in production in Argentina and was facelifted with the front end of the last Taunus.

There was never a Cortina equivalent model, so wouldn't have appeared in right hand drive markets, which made do with the Capri. However, Ford in South Africa and Rhodesia did assemble previous Taunus models in the 1960s