Friday, September 11, 2009

Heidfeld BMW Sauber Minichamps 1/43

As I mentioned before, the miniature model market is abysmal right now. Manufacturers are cutting corners with quality and new models (which require expensive tooling) are few and far between. While we wait for the market to recover, let's look at the various Nick Heidfeld BMW Sauber 1/43 scale cars that are/were available through Minichamps.

F1.09 Showcar: The only 2009 model available right now.

F1.08 Showcar: One of two F1.08s. This one does not have the Dumbo ears front air package.

F1.08: The other F1.08, with Dumbo ears.

F1.07: The only 2007 model available.

F1.06: One of four 2006 models.

F1.06 Showcar: The most significant difference are the rear fender flares.

F1.06 First Podium (Hungary): Slight aero modifications vis-a-vis the F1.06.

F1.06 Danke Michael: This was used at the Brazil GP to thank the retiring Schumi for his contribution to promoting F1 in Germany. Probably only interesting to Schumi fans.

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