Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mazda RX7 FB Convertible

While strolling the streets of San Francisco yesterday, I was shocked to see a shiny red first generation Mazda RX7 SA/FB convertible stopped at the light. Its top was down and I had the urge to approach the driver to ask him more about his car. Before I had a chance, the light had turned green and he was gone. I didn't even have time to give him a thumbs up.

Mazda never produced convertible versions of the first RX7. The few examples I was able to find on the net were all custom jobs with different approaches in terms of how to lop off the roof and how to hide the soft top. The one I saw had very clean lines. The pictures in this post are of another example from British Columbia.


Anonymous said...

yes they did make a few. Mercedes and Mazda did it together.

Neal said...

Above comment is incorrect. No factory authorized convertibles left the Mazda factory until the 1988 model year. Most likely you saw a Pacific Avatar, Global Coach or Petty Engineering conversion.

Neal Swigert