Friday, August 28, 2009

Go Visit Fort Ross...Now

A long time ago, I took a class about the different cultural elements that make up California. The most interesting topic was Fort Ross. It is an old Russian fort north of San Francisco, next to the Pacific Coast Highway.

It was founded at a time when the British, Russians, Americans, and Spanish all wanted the swath of land that is the Pacific Northwest. In order to legitimize their claim, the Russians moved a bunch of Russians and Aleutians down the California coast. They supported themselves by hunting seals with kayaks.

Because the California economy is imploding right now, there is no money to keep most of its state parks open. Under a litmus test that defies the spirit and goal of public lands, it has been decreed that any state park that does not turn a profit will be shut down. Because Fort Ross state park does not bring in enough cash, it will probably be closed after Labor Day.

So I encourage you to visit Fort Ross. It's fun and interesting, especially if you are a history buff. The drive up Highway 1 is fantastic. And who knows, if enough people visit it, maybe the state will change its mind about closing it.

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Anonymous said...

The fort as I see it. Keep it open!