Monday, September 18, 2006

Mr. Wolf's NSX

Reliable. Efficient. Fast. These words not only describe the NSX, but also its most famous fictional owner, Pulp Fiction's Mr. Wolf. The Japanese engineers who brought us the bulletproof, plebian Civic came up with a mid-engined supercar that can compete with Italian and American legends. Though some bemoan the displacement-lacking V6, its balance, poise, and light weight more than make up for the relative dearth in torque and horsepower.

The design is so timeless and ahead of its time the only significant revision throughout its 15 year model run was a switch from pop-up headlights (which were de rigeur in the 1980s era of Ferraris, Trans Ams, and yes, even the Mitsubishi Starion) to regular integrated headlights (which the new Corvette thoughtfully plagiarized).

Word is the next generation NSX will have the SuperHandling all-wheel drive set-up of the current RL and a Formula 1 derived V10. Though the second generation NSX will be faster and more sophisticated than its forerunner, the original NSX shall always remain peerless.


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