Monday, September 25, 2006

Borat v. Nazarbayev

With Borat the movie coming out, the Kazakh government is stepping up its efforts to discredit the infamous journalist. Nursultan Nazabayev, Kazakhstan's longest reigning (and only) president, accuses Borat of ruining the image of his great country and people. Below is a head to head comparison of the two gents. You decide who has done more of a disservice to Kazakhstan.

Name: Nursultan Nazarbayev
Age: 66
Occupation: "Democratically" "elected" President of Kazakhstan
Noted family member: Daughter Dariga, head of state run news agency
Worst faux pas/controversy: (tied) stashing $1 billion U.S. in Swiss accounts, disqualifying electoral opponents, muzzling the press
Stance on Israel: "Warm" relations (according to embassy website)
Stance on women's rights: Wants daughter Dariga to follow him as President of Kazakhstan
Hobby: Crushing dissent


Name: Borat Sagdiyev
Age: "23 years, I have hair on my pubis."
Occupation: Journalist
Noted family member: Sister Natalya, prostitute, awarded by Almaty Chamber of Commerce "best sex in mouth"
Worst faux pas/controversy: Telling Americans: "We support your war of terror."
Stance on Israel: Asked martial arts instructor advice on defending against the "Jew claw"
Stance on women's rights: "The chain of importance": "God, man, horse, woman, then rat,...."
Hobby: Sexy time with wife and plough


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