Saturday, November 10, 2018

Middle Eastern airlines can't fly the shortest routes

This is a hilariously sad article. Here's a summary:

  • No one flies over Syrian airspace for obvious reasons, except Lebanon's Middle East Airlines, which doesn't give a shit.
  • Qatar Air can't fly over Saudi Arabia.
  • Due to insurgents, no one flies over northern Sinai.
  • Libyan and Yemeni wars make flying to Africa difficult.
  • No Arab airline flies to Israel other than Egypt (which uses a subsidiary jet with no livery) and Royal Jordanian (which cannot fly over Israel to get to Lebanon).
  • For El Al planes to go to East Asia, it has to fly down the Red Sea to the Horn of Africa, and then turn east.

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Graham Clayton said...

Are there any other places in the world where airlines have to take detours?