Sunday, September 30, 2018

Abandoned VW diesels

Last week, during my commute, I saw four trucks full of dirty Tesla Model 3s headed TOWARDS the Tesla factory. That's strange. On Twitter, there have been rumors of thousands of Model 3s sitting mysteriously in rural parking lots. I decided to investigate yesterday.

I headed out to Antioch, where one of the lots is supposed to be. Instead of Model 3s, I saw tons of recalled VW diesels, and one Audi Q7 diesel. I only saw two Model 3s. Bozi (@hoonable) confirmed my theory-- that Tesla is just not very good at logistics. The "abandoned" Model 3s aren't defective or hidden for dodgy accounting reasons. I suspect that the trucks I saw last week had taken away all of the Model 3s (with the exception of the two I spotted).

I suck at industrial espionage. The two Model 3s (one with hood up) are behind the barbed wire.

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