Saturday, March 10, 2018

Two trips coming up

In April, we are going to Palm Desert. We are meeting up with another family with young kids. I think we're just going to sit by the pool the whole time. 

When I got the i3, it came with a day of driving instructions at a BMW school. There is a school near Palm Desert. Unfortunately, it expires this month.

Then, in May, we are off to Sedona for a family member's wedding. The scenery should be spectacular. If you have any suggestions for restaurants between Phoenix and Sedona, please let me know.


Day said...

I highly recommend taking highway 89 & 89A from Wickenburg (NW of Phoenix) through Prescott & Jerome to Sedona. Amazing road through high desert, pinyon, & pine forest. There is a great little restaurant in the small town of Congress, AZ called Nichols West, totally worth a lunch stop.

Maxichamp said...

@Day: Nichols West looks great!

halifaxf1fan said...

That drive is amazing. Lots of switchbacks on this narrow mountain road!