Saturday, February 24, 2018

Eating at a 7-Eleven in Taiwan

H/t to C!

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Sanchez said...

Should have found this channel before my recent trip. Went through it and found some establishments that would be nice to visit but too late. However I did visit two places which he features in his videos.

- One is McDonalds Signature in Hong Kong. Did not customize my burger like he did but tried one of their "premium" burgers from menu. It was surprisingly delicious.

- The other one he featured is "cheapest Michelin star meal" Hawker Chan in Singapore. Was actually mediocre.

- Hong Kong-based dim sum chain Cheung Hing Kee on the other hand is fantastic. It is also rated by Michelin and lives up to expectations.

- Another HK chain Cafe de Coral is consistently good. I remember eating there frequently during my first visit to the city. Now it seems they took over Hong Kong and I can't complain.

- Biggest disappointment is Jamie's Italian. Way overpriced, not tasty and not Italian.

The trip itself was like the one you mentioned couple of posts before. Bought tickets to HK and because of cheap Air Asia fares decided to travel around South East Asia. Hong Kong - Kuala Lumpur - Singapore - Bali - Kuala Lumpur - Macau - Hong Kong.