Thursday, January 04, 2018

Mercedes Iron Schoeckl

Is this a traveling show? Will it ever be in Northern California?

Where others are left standing, the G-Classmarches onward confidently, inspiring a great deal of respect. The Mercedes-Benz team have thought up a special task for the G-Class and its occupants: the steel construction is called “Iron Schöckl”; a name derived from a mountain just outside Graz in Styria. This iron mountain is used by Mercedes-Benz for test drives. The drive begins with a moderate 80 percent gradient. No problem for the eight-cylinder engine of the G 500. It even takes the 100-percent gradient smoothly, before stopping briefly at the highest point of the iron mountain, eight meters up in the air. As you look high up into the sky, this is how it must feel in the Space Shuttle just before take-off. There is another challenge on the way down: stopping on a 100-percent gradient and reversing back up the slope.

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Lukas said...

They have those here, I think I saw a Land Rover one recently. Prospective customers get to go for a lap in the passenger seat.