Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lancia Delta Integrale elephant logo

What's up with the leaping elephant logo on the HF (high fidelity) Delta Integrales?   Apparently, Lancia began using it in the early '50s when the company started racing.  They are good luck charms in "Eastern culture", so long as the trunk is stretched out front.  Source.

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Ross said...

Scuderia Lancia competed in Giro di Sicily 1952. They used Aurelia Serie 2 with a lowered roof line. One of the drivers - Enrico Anselmi - had used an elephant as a "sign" on his car for some years. He allowed the Lancia team to use "his" elephant. That was the first time the elephant was used on a Lancia competition car.

Maxichamp said...

Interesting. Thanks, Ross.