Monday, December 28, 2009

Carspotting (24): Rare Alfa Romeo Giulia Wagon/Estate/Break Promiscua/Giardinetta

I spotted this yesterday up in Calistoga. It has to be the rarest car I have ever seen parked on the street. I know nothing about Giulia wagons. Some research on the internet after the photo shoot did not help much. The only things I've learned are that it is probably called a Promiscua, it was probably built by the coachbuilder Colli, and it was probably once used by the Italian police.

While I was admiring this beaut and taking pictures of it, at least four other car guys stopped to look at it and debate its pedigree.

Wait until you see an arguably rarer vehicle that I saw a few hours after this Alfa....

Rear-hatch hinge.

That's a Mille Miglia sticker and a 1979 sticker celebrating 125 GP wins by Cosworth.

The three-slot air vent is supposedly a Colli signature.

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Rich said...

That would be the local Alfa guru Conrad Stevenson's car. Berkeley right now seems to be the gravitational center for these things.