Thursday, May 05, 2022

Ben the Excursion owner is also collecting Saab diesel convertibles

I don't even know where to begin. You remember Ben and his taste for unusual cars.

Well, he shared with us one of his recent purchases, a Ford Excursion.

Here is his report...



So…. Yeah, I bought an Excursion in the UK, it’s a big beast but I do like them big boned!


Bert is a 2004 6.0 TD Limited with 157k on clock. Been in the UK since 2005. I don’t have much history but he is super clean, little corrosion on the rocker panels. However the driveline has been forgotten about in routine servicing so having to rebuild the front axle in the UK is not an easy task. Parts alone from the US have cost over $1000 with Tax and Delivery, plus I still need more! All started after first trip home lost the front brakes, seems the previous day they did some work to them but bent the hose and it was then rubbing on the tyre, eek. Vice Grips to the rescue and continued on my way at a little slower speed but still made it 150+ miles home.


Plan is to hoon about in on the school run for a few weeks when fixed then put Bert on a boat back to the US as he is worth more there at the moment and have a road trip to find a junk yard Mustang that my son wants to rebuild and use Roadkill style, while Bert is on sale but could be used to tow etc. He has been attending the here in the UK for a year and has been enjoying that but wants a RWD car that he has revived or resurrected to use on the days and as it has to be manual he is on the hunt for a pre-70’s Mustang or equivalent then get it back to the UK.


Also seem to be collecting Black Saab 9-3 Diesel Cabrios at the moment as got 3 so far and maybe another on the way! Plus still have the Disco3, 110 Defender and Volvo V70 D5 (aka La Cucaracha) and a few others.

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