Monday, October 11, 2021

Goldeneye movie review

Pretty boy Pierce Brosnan debuts as Bond!

Dave's review: The problem with GoldenEye, for me, was the friendship between Bond and 006. I never really bought it. And because the movie focused so much on it, it affected the entire experience for me. That being said, it is a very fun movie with great set pieces and an excellent underrated score by Eric Serra. Having Judi Dench play M was a nice and very welcome twist for the franchise. And Brosnan certainly fit the part. I mean he just looks like who you expect James Bond to be! I can't help but think though that the generally rave reviews for GoldenEye were due to the fact that it came after License to Kill. Overall still, a good and much needed reboot for the franchise. 

Dave's grade: B

TT's review: Excellent on so many levels. This might be one of the best all around Bond films. First of all, Brosnan is a handsome dude. Sean Bean played an excellent villain. The tank scene was 100. What I enjoyed the most was how topical the movie was, to wit:
-end of Cold War
-Moneypenny brings up workplace sexual harassment 
-Judy Dench as the female boss calling Bond a dinosaur
-free-for-all Yeltsin Russia

My only complaint is Xenia Onatopp. Not a believable character.

TT's grade: A

Dave's reaction: I think some might actually say that Brosnan is too much of a pretty boy to play Bond. The Cold War stuff was cool though. 

TT's reaction: Bond's friendship with 006 was strange, but then again, Bond quit his job to avenge Felix's near death in the last movie.

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