Tuesday, February 16, 2021

On Her Majesty's Secret Service movie review

The sixth Bond movie, and George Lazenby's only movie, is On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Dave's review: On Her Majesty's Secret Service is one of the most under-appreciated Bond films of all. It is truly a work of art. It is the most personal, emotional Bond film, save for Casino Royale, and possesses an ending that will haunt you. It is a love story, one that is sweet and tense, and dark. Diana Rigg smoulders as Contessa, she will go down, again along with Vesper Lynd as the most memorable of the Bond women. The criticism over the years lodged at Lazenby is mostly unfair. He was no Sean Connery and he never got the opportunity to settle into the role. The story drags a little at Piz Gloria with the brainwashing of the women but overall this is a majestic film that ought to be appreciated without comparison to the lighter Connery entries.

TT's review: I was going to give this movie a C. I know many Bond-philes think OHMSS is the best Bond film. I’ve watched it several times and I always get skeeved out by the women on top of the Swiss mountain. And Lazenby with that kilt. So gross.

But in re-watching it, I’ve changed my mind. The end of the opening scene, in which Lazenby broke the fourth wall and quipped that this never happened to the previous guy, inspired Roger Moore’s lightheartedness. 

The ski chase, car chase, and bobsled chase were all excellent.

Ultimately, the love story was so different from the other Bond movies. Bond declared his LOVE for Tracy, offered to quit his job, and proposed to her. Tracy recited POETRY.

Dave's response: What's wrong with reciting poetry?!

This is definitely a film that requires multiple viewings to appreciate. Lazenby is quite funny once you get used to him. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if he made a second film. 

TT's response: I would have liked to see Lazenby in a second film.

Dave's grade: A

TT's grade: B+

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Anna said...

Lazenby was told by his agent "don't get typecast". What a shame. My favorite Bond next to Connery and it's good to see OHMSS getting some respect.