Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Eating the Globe: Mexico

I actually eat decent food. I swear. For dinner, I had a roasted beet salad and a New York steak. I swear!

Now, back to our regular programming. After an 80 minute morning commute, I had to grab a quick breakfast before my appointment. The only place close to the parking garage that was open was Bakery Mexico No. 2. It was something else. Despite being in Downtown San Jose, I felt like I was transported to Mexico. Other than me and a homeless white guy, the entire place was filled with short-statured Mexicans.

The menu on the wall was very rudimentary. There's a ton of stuff that's available that's not on the menu. One guy was eating a huge tamale-looking thing. Others were eating things I couldn't even begin to describe. I didn't have time to figure everything out, so I just ordered a simple breakfast burrito.

Though the restaurant is definitely authentic, I'm not sure about the breakfast burrito. During my three or four trips to Mexico, I don't think I ever saw a burrito on the menu. The $3.81 burrito was pretty good. It wasn't huge, so it didn't weigh me down. There were no fillers like rice, beans, or lettuce. It's just chorizo, egg, Swiss cheese, and avocado.

Countries tried so far:
Asia: China, Philippines
North America: Mexico, USA

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Lukas said...

$3.81 for that! Here's it's $2 extra just for the guacamole.