Sunday, June 19, 2011

2011 Lafayette Motorama car show pictures

Went to a car show today.  It's put on by the local Rotary Club.  Like last year's show, it leans heavy towards American cars.  Here's a Morgan parked just outside the show.

This Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk III was by far the star of the show.  Richard, the original and current owner, drove this as his company car when he worked as Aston's Resident Engineer here in the States.  In the 1970s, he found it in disrepair and restored it.  He is in the late stages of Parkinson's.  His son brought the Aston to the show.

Old (1961) Lancia.

Morris delivery truck.

Late model (relatively) Esprit.

For Long Roof Fans everywhere, a 1962 Chrysler Newport wagon.

A couple of Ford Fairlanes.

Opera glass-less Lincoln Mark V.

The innards of a Caterham.

Just as I was about to leave, they raised the hood/bonnet of that old Aston.  Are those spare plugs?

Bike guys, is this a 1967 Honda Scrambler?


Ozmac said...

Nice Aston, one of the very first hatchbacks, but I like that Lancia even more!

As for the Honda, I wouldn't have a clue to its age, but 1967 wouldn't be far wrong, might even be right. These Hondas were marketed here as a "street scrambler", with the upswept pipes. The pipes on this one aren't original, nor is the paint job, nor is the steering damper. It's probably a 350cc (the bigger seller), but it might be a 250cc, as externally they were very similar. These days very few manufacturers make street scramblers with those upswept pipes, but Triumph has a nice one in its range that's a retro take on the Triumph street scramblers of the late 60s era.

Maxichamp said...

@Ozmac: Much of the work on the Aston was done at the same place as where the Dalai Lama's Land Rover was worked on. I know that shop's neighbor and have heard incredible things.

I knew you'd come through with some motorcycle trivia. Thanks!

Gavin said...

The Aston is beautiful. You don't see too many LHD versions of that era.
Now, I'm not a huge bike fan, but that Honda Scrambler has got just the right look to it!

Maxichamp said...

@Gavin: Who knew Aston had the resources to have a Resident Engineer in America? I don't know anything about bikes and even I can appreciate that Honda.

motoringconbrio said...

that aston is crazy! i also like the reflection of the caterham in the close-up of the 'tickford coachwork' badge. nice.

Maxichamp said...

@MTC: Yup. The reflection of the Caterham was intentional. Just call me the Annie Liebovitz of car photography-- minus the talent and the millions of dollars in debt.

motoringconbrio said...

zing! well played, sir.

longrooffan said...

That Newport hard top longroof is to die for!

word verification= herse FTW

Ellsworth Mciltrot said...

It's a bit hard to choose between the Morgan and the Aston Martin. Both are cool classic cars, but their different looks have nearly-similar, but ultimately different kinds of appeal. Well, it's not a total loss since they're both eye-candy with impressive machinery in the end.