Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Heart America

As much as I criticize our government and consumerist culture, I love America. On my last road trip, I visited Arkansas, my 50th state. Without waving an American flag or asking that God bless America, I give you my 10 favorite American sights, foods, and experiences.

California: The 21 Spanish missions from San Diego to Sonoma.

Hawaii: Sailing across the Auau Channel between Maui and Lanai on a clear blue day.

Maine: Eating a lobster roll at McDonald's.

Minnesota: The SPAM museum!

Nebraska: Hiding from a tornado at a Lincoln bar where football and BBQ are king.

New York: A pastrami sandwich from Katz's.

North Carolina: Stocking up on beers and ice on a hot summer day at a Brew Thru-- a drive-through refrigerator/liquor store.

Utah: Eating a bologna sandwich with French's mustard on white bread at a diner run by a Mormon family in St. George.

Vermont: Green. Everywhere.

West Virginia: Bubba, the John Popper look-a-like who graciously fed me and gave me hope and support on one of my darkest days.


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