Tuesday, October 16, 2007

James May's 1980 Bentley T2

Bam! That was my reaction when I happened upon James May's column in The Daily Telegraph this evening. He's giving away his beloved T2 in a contest.

Before today, I had never heard of a T2. To most, this car looks like your typical RR Silver Shadow. I've always taken a special liking to the Silver Shadow. I had two experiences with that model as a child. First, I saw Jamie Farr drive one across America in Cannonball Run. My second experience involved seeing it parked at a local Chinese restaurant. Apparently, the owner lived up the hill from us and was known to tip generously at Yen's-- a whopping $10!

Though I liked the RR's looks and style, I thought it overly ostentatious. But this T2 is a whole different animal. It is essentially a Silver Shadow, only with a smaller grill and the winged "B" instead of the Spirit of Ecstasy. But those two small changes made a huge difference in my eyes, mind, and heart.

That is one sweet ride. Too bad the contest is only open to residents of Great Britain, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, and the Republic of Ireland.


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